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Judy-Lynne Peters

I occasionally bring flowers to my office and give them to the department secretaries and assistants just to make them smile. I don't keep flowers in my apartment (not good cat food) so when i see pretty flowers I'll buy them on a whim and take them to the office.


Judy-Lynne Peters

When my son was young I made it a family tradition to place flowers at the Viet Nam War Memorial each Memorial Day.

Chris Philippi

Great advice! You know, I think we all tend to think to give flowers for a special occasion, like Valentine's, Mother's Day, a birthday or an anniversary, etc. And while that's nice and to be expected, it would really make someone's day to surprise them with flowers when they least expect it ... just because how great they are!

And any bouquet or arrangement from Fly Me To The Moon Florist would DEFINITELY make their day! :)

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