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Lisa @ Life is Crazy Beautiful

Great tips! I have been using fake flowers less and less, but do sometimes still use the more realistic ones. You've encouraged me to not totally give up on them - since I don't have a lush garden to cut flowers from or the $$ to buy fresh flowers all the time :)


Thanks so much for your comment Lisa. Great looking fake flowers have a place. If you check out the Pottery Barn you'll find out how to do fake flowers right! At our shop, Fly Me To The Moon Florists, we only do fresh flowers though. Please stop by again!

Calling it Home

I have fake hydrangeas, they make me happy!


Flowers have a way of doing that. Even the fake ones sometimes!


some very good advice here, our family uses them for christmass, it is on of our little traditions to have a flower arrangement on the table for the main meal , we also use dried flowers that we have made and collected over the years - something very similar to what you have in the picture with the candles


My tip is have someone else dust them - they look best this way.


Laura, thanks so much for your comment. I agree. dusting fake flowers is very important.

June Huston

Thank you for posting! I love the picture you shared for number 8! I'll try to make something similar!


June, I appreciate our comment. Monochromatic flower arrangements always work well whether the flowers are real or faux. Let me know how your arrangement turns out.

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