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What about red hibiscus?

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Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza)

This is a great guide for brides choosing their wedding flowers!


Thanks Jessie for suggesting Hibiscus? Hmmm. Let me do some research on that. I know it's native to Hawaii, I've seen it as a potted plant, but never as a cut flower here in NY. Stopped by your blog, Mix and Chic.


Lissa, I was hoping brides would find this helpful as they plan their weddings. Thanks so much for your comment.

Nancy White

Love your blog. I have a shop on the other side of the county. We used red bouvardia this VD. I also like red Nirene, not in season now. There are other red orchids, too - red cymbidium, for example. I would have chosen a burgandy peony and sumatra lily - both are more red than pink.


Nancy, Thanks so much for stopping by. I'm delighted you like my blog. I've been a fan of your work since I first saw it. Thanks so much for your contributions to the red flower list. I will add your suggestions. Hope you keep reading.


Not only do you help adults, you also help teens do a project and you gave me a great idea! :) (seriously thx!!!)


Melanie, I'm so glad you found this post on red flowers helpful for the teen project. thanks so much for your comment. Keep reading!

Stefanie Thoen-Paverud

I'm working on a wedding estimate and my mind was blank...had most of the red flowers on your list, but not all! How about red dahlias & red matsumoto asters?? Thanks for your help!


Great additions to the list. Thanks so much for your comment!

Amy @ Homey Oh My!

Love this post, Mimi! My mom is a florist and I always loved going to her store during my childhood. I remember telling her gladiolas were my favorite. Those and Fuji mums :).


Amy, thanks so much for your comment. I came to a lot later than you did, but I think my favorite red flower has to be the amaryllis.

ellen foto

thanks for the post, i've been looking for new ideas. protea are among my favorites, and there are red ones! large varieties as well as the pincushions.


Ellen, thanks so much for reminding me about red protea. We use them in our floral design quite a bit actually. I truly appreciate your comment.

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