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Bellenza Wedding Bistro

Hydrangeas are just too fabulous -- I should try splurging on a few stems at least once in a while. Thanks for the tips!


Hydrangea is one of my favorite flowers be sure to check out the related post that tells you how to care for them. It's always a pleasure to hear from you.


Oh, hydrangeas are one of my all time favorite flowers, and that is hard to say because never met a flower I didn't like. I love that we can dry them and keep them. I have tried a number of times to grow them here in Florida, but have unfortunately, had no luck at all.The first year I have them they bloom and it is true bliss, but then the next year nothing or maybe a tiny one.Your blue and lavender ones in these pics just take my breathe away they are so lovely. Thanks so much for sharing them.and I love Monet paintings too.


I adore blue hydrangeas. Always have. At my nephew's wedding they had almost a chartreuse color and blue hydrangeas. It was one of the loveliest weddings I have ever seen. Thank you for sharing your beautiful flowers.Mine are all pink! I'm working on turning them blue, but it takes time. Have a lovely weekend.


Thanks for sharing your thoughts Jorge. I'll take your pink hydrangeas any day of the week.


Juan. Thanks for sharing your thoughts about hydrangeas. These flowers are very heavy drinkers, perhaps that's why you had the problem growing them in Florida.

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