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Bellenza Bistro

Your posts always make me VOW to have flowers around our house! These ideas are lovely.


Thanks so much for always leaving such inspiring comments on our blog.


thanks for share. so nice..


I appreciate your comment and hope you bring a few flowers into your life this winter.

mothers day flowers

when i buy flowers i always cut the ends of the stems off under water , they always seem to last longer that way


Cutting the stems of flowers under water is a great idea. When I began as a florist, I attempted to do it, but it became so labor intensive that I had to stop. Thanks for your comment.


That display looks amazing.

Think i may have to give it ago this week, it still cold outside and i need something to do.

Becca XoXo


I know. The weather here in New York City is still quite chilly. A floral project sounds perfect. Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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