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Modern Country Style

I looooove this post. The hints and tips you come up with are so good - they make me feel as though I could easily pull off any of these looks - which I'm not so certain I could!!

You have such a nice teaching style - thank you!



Beautiful, beautiful! Happily pinned it! :)
Love the lilacs!

Art Brown

Beautiful flowers! So much detail. Thanks for posting these pictures. I love tropical flowers! They look so amazing.


Glad you liked the floral centerpieces. Thanks for your comment. Hope you keep reading.


Kelly, so glad you found this post pinnable. thanks so much for your kind words.


Sarah, I'm so encouraged by your comment. I believe you will create your own centerpiece one day. Just practice before the big day!

Bill Shields

These look like some beautiful (http://www.punaohanaflowershawaii.com) tropical flowers. Where did you get them? I used to live down in Pahoa, and my wife had a garden of some of these flowers. Good choices.


You're right some of these flowers are tropical such as the heliconia. We buy our flowers from wholesalers in the Chelsea Flower Market in New York City. thanks for your comment.

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