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Flowers :-), and my family are the top 2. So I spend most of my time with them both...


I truly understand and appreciate what you said. Thanks for your comment.

wedding photography

Wow, I like the idea of a garbage can full of flowers. Why haven't I thought about it?

John Cunningham

my wife is a florist and she wrote this blog to help people select their wedding flowers. Thought you might like it?


I know. A garbage can of flowers! There are so many creative ideas out there. Thanks for stopping by.


John, Thanks for sharing about your wife's blog, Flowers for The Wedding Bouquet. I love finding new resources to share with my readers.

Lissa (The Wedding Bistro at Bellenza)

How inspiring and uplifting it must be to always have flowers around you!


I consider myself quite blessed to spend my days and sometimes evening (LOL) with flowers. Your comments always mean so much!Have a wonderful weekend!


Emotions are best expressed through a flower. This is a universal symbol of committed friendship, bond and love. A present of freshly cut bunch of flowers and fragrance that comes with very sniff is worth a thousand words.


Wow! You expressed my thoughts about flowers perfectly! Thanks so much for your comment.

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