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Calling it Home

I'm afraid I could not make them look good. When I saw the title of this I though...oh yeah, high school corsage. The images you used say glam. I'll let you know.

Rebecca  @ Walnut and Vine

I'm with you! I love carnations! They are lovely and come in so many different clors and look great mixed or alone!
Thanks for visiting!


Do not be afraid. Simply take a bunch of carnations in your hand. Make sure all the flower heads are at the same level. Put a rubber band on them pretty high up on the stems to hold them in place. Hold the bunch along side your vase. Then cut all the stems the same length. Place them in a vase of water and voila!


I love carnations! I used to ask for them every year for my birthday when I was a child. To me they were a luxury- I had no idea how inexpensive they were!


Carnations are my daughter's favorite flowers too. Hope you start bringing them into your life again. Thanks so much for your comment.


Carnations are a cheap thrill that we can all enjoy!

Sonya @ So Simple

Wow. I'm definitely one of those that says, "No Thank you" to carnations, but you just gave me a whole new eye for them. Very beautiful. Also, thanks for stopping by and commenting on my thrifted table.


Carnations can be great when you do them right. Thanks for your comment. Please by again soon.

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