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Jace, I'm glad you found this post on caring for daffodils easy. Caring for most cut flowers is relatively easy. Sometimes people just don't know what to do. That's why I always teach people how to care for the flowers they buy at our shop, Fly Me To The Moon Florists.


Maisyn, I'm so glad you find First Come Flowers so helpful. Your comment is greatly appreciated.

P. Johnson

Daffidols make me so happy, they add sunshine to the house and to my life. They remind me of loce!


I love daffodils too. They are true harbinger of spring I think. thanks so much for your comment


I have 2 questions. First, Is there a alternative to the flower preservative that I could use? And secondly, what are the protective husks? Thanks!



Thanks so much for your questions: 1) If you don't want to use packaged preservative, you can simply change the water daily, cut the flowers every other day or so or when the water looks murky to cut down on bacterial growth which prematurely kills flowers. 2) The protective husks on some daffodils are like a leaf covering the bloom. Removing it may help the flower bloom a bit more quickly.

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