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Calling it Home

Mimi, you said that so well. That car was probably leased, by the way. You say "our" business...who is your partner? Are you the only one who writes this blog? I think your arrangements are stunning, by the way. I would let you do my wedding, only I'm already married.


I write the blog myself, but I do have a business partner named Dave. He prefers to be behind the scenes. Every once in a while you may catch me write my flower shop or something, but then I try to change it in case he reads the blog. LOL

Sylvia Clavier

"Everything happens for a reason, and no encounter is by chance". I believe this to be true, so finding this particular blog today, courtesy of Pinterest, was exactly what I needed! I have just recently started my own floral business, no shop, just weddings and events, and have struggled with doubt and lack of self-confidence, despite raves and happiness from the 4 weddings I have done so far. Your work is lovely, as is your spirit! I wish you great success in your business and will follow your blogs with great interest.


Thanks so much for your kind words.I'm so glad you found this post at just the right time. It's important to believe what people say while all the time remaining a learner. I don't ever want to be the type that feels I've arrived. When I'm in the flower district I'm always listening and asking questions. I read a lot of books, magazines and of course blogs. Here are some of my favorites: Botanical Brouhaha, Flirty Fleurs and Flowerona. I wish you all the best as you grow your business and look forward to hearing from you again soon!

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