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Fantastic ideas~ thanks for linking up!


So glad you enjoyed this post Courtney! Thanks for stopping by.

Angela @ The Not So Functional Housewife

Beautiful idea! I love the colors! So pretty!

Sharon @ Elizabeth & Co.

What wonderful suggestions! A lovely table makes even a simple meal more special! Sometimes kids really make us stop and think! Thanks so much for sharing!


Angela, Glad you enjoyed the post on setting an elegant yet causal table.


Sharon, When I entertain at home I gnerally keep the food simple and the tablescape elegant. It makes things so special. Thanks for your comment.


Out of the mouths of babes huh? It's true that it doesn't take a lot ot make a table special.....I really should do it more often *winks*...I'm one of those "savin' the silver for a special occasion " people...Vanna


What a great post. I stumbled onto your blog from the inspired room, and so glad I did. In a busy world its the little things that matter. In my house its hard to sit down as a family everyday, with my firefighter husband, but when he's home, sitting down for dinner as a family is a priority. I do need to work on a table scape. Thanks


I'm so glad you stopped by from the Inspired Room. Melissa is a great inspiration to me. Taking a little time to make our lives beautiful in small ways really has an impact on our lives.

italian dinnerware

Thanks for these simple yet useful tips! Gotta try them over dinner!

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