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I'm kind of torn between the first and last images. In either case though, I'd probably want to be dressed in rich autumn tones, burgundy, deep green, or copper.

Linda @ MyCraftyHomeLife

I would attend anything done by Preston Bailey! It would give me an excuse to get a new dress


It is hard to choose isn't it. I think the rich colors you selected to wear would be perfect!


I'm with you Linda! Preston Bailey event indeed!

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Preston Bailey has a great blog. Glad you found the tips helpful!

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I'm so glad you enjoyed seeing the various types of orange floral arrangements for special events. Quite inspiring aren't they?

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I should recommend your blog post about think of when you think of October. So why not do a big event in that color. to my friends.


Orange is such a great color for an event.Hope your friends like the idea. Thank you for your comment.

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