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botanical brouhaha

That made me laugh! Poor delivery guy...


Delightful as delivering fresh flowers can be, like everything else, there is the flip side.

A guy thinking about sending secret admirer flowers

maybe guys like to send flowers anonymously because they have a personal reason they want to resolve before revealing themselves to the girl.


Thanks so much for your comment. I'm sure there are many good reasons guys have for doing it. And I'm convinced that in certain circumstances it can be truly romantic. My post on the subject just shares our experiences on the subject. Happy Valentine's Day!


Girl: Awesome, is in a relationship, strives for attention, works hard to be liked, stresses about life, boyfriend treats her like another score.

Guy: Me, likes her, dont date coworkers, want to make her feel good about herself without jeopardizing work relationship.

Is it so wrong to see her smile? The smile makes my day.

In the military, the saying is: "Deserve no Thanks for doing what's Right"

See, for some of us guys, it's not about what makes me happy. It's about what I can do to make others happy.

Adding my name only adds complications.

Hope this helps you undertand.


I really appreciate your comment. And I actually do understand the reasons guys do it. You gave several good ones. The post is simply the reaction we've received at our flower shop.from some.Other women just want to know who the flowers are from and get frustrated, because we won't say. Thanks so much for taking the time to respond.


i got flowers from my boyfriend like this after years of getting flowers. i have been busy lately and he has been a negetful boyfriend with his own agenda. it used to bother me but i decided to move forward and not let him bug me any more andnow i get these flowers which feels like a test to see if i would know who they are from. Well at least its somet sign of caring after years of neglet.


I do my best to discourage people from sending flowers anonymously. It rarely has the effect the sender wants. It's sad when beautiful flowers are used in the manner you describe, but they also have the power to bring joy and put a smile on the faces of most. have a wonderful day and thanks for sharing.


I just got a single red rose sent anonymously to me at work- puts me in a bit of a position really as I am in a relationship. If I tell my partner and they did not send it they might not be best pleased- no smoke without fire etc., but if I don't mention it and they did send it then I am acting equally suspiciously. The fact that I am a straight man does put a bit of an ironic twist on it I suppose!


I try very hard and succeed , most of the time, to discourage customers from sending flowers anonymously, because it really does cause all sorts of problems. Thanks for your comment.

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