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Oawesome! Thanks for this collection! Between the fashion, style, and design blogs I seem to never get to the floral ones...This is perfect!


Haute Khuuture Blog


In the process of gathering info on wedding Flowers now. I will send a tweet out on this blog and I do like the Flower Divas site.


It's wonderful to stumble across blogs you don't know. Floral design blogs can be intoxicating! Thanks for stopping by.


Thanks so much Mike. Hope you're inspired by all the possibilities.

botanical brouhaha

Thanks so much for including me, Mimi! You introduced me to a couple of new sites! Thanks...and have a great weekend!

Clementine Posy

Thank you so much for th link... love your work and agree with your opinion on Princess Kate's bouquet, it was perfection X


You introduce me to new sites everytime I visit your blog. Glad I could finally return the favor. Enjoy your weekend!


Keep doing what you do and have an incredible weekend!

Manila Flowers

Designs are cute especially the Ovando. It is really "Simple not simplistic". I liked its style.


Thanks for your comment. Ovando never ceases to amaze me with their floral magic!

Flower Chaser

I have to say I really enjoyed Rosenow. It was personable, friendly, and gave me the feeling that we were old friends. Great Blog

Cristina Davis

This site is totally awesome!
I am flower fanatic and i create somefloral design in Las Vegas and i also find the creations in this site very interesting!


Christina, I'm so glad you enjoyed this post on floral design blogs. Those are some of my favorites. Ill share more soon. Keep reading!


Well Ideas in Bloom is my fav. website. But the design of red roses in the wedding are the best.


Thanks so much for adding another floral design blog to the list. Keep reading!


Some of the blogs were no longer up but the one I liked best was the first. A great sampling of design from around the web.


I'm so sorry you were unable to check out all the floral design blogs. I just checked each of the links and they all appeared to being working fine. Thanks for taking the time to let me know.

artificial grass

With access to hundreds of floral varieties and colors, florists can put together a truly personalized design to fit any need.


I couldn't agree with you more. Thanks so much for your comment.

Buy flowers online

Awesome websites!These are some of the best layouts I’ve seen. Really love the websites.


Floral websites are so inspiring. there's so much room for creativity. I appreciate your comment so much. Please keep reading.

Send Birthday Flowers in Houston TX

Amazing post! Designs are charming higher than all the Ovando. It is really "Simple not simplistic". I liked its style.Thank you so much for sharing this post! Do update some more designs similarly.


Thanks for your comment. Ovando does amazing work. I will feature other floral design blogs in the future.


very very lovely...


Valeria, I'm so glad you enjoyed this post on floral design websites. Thanks so much for your comment.

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