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Kathy Arrangement

thanks for teaching me how to use a new type of flower in an flower arrangement.


You are so welcome Kathy. Thanks so much for stopping by!

Peg Stood

Just cut flowers seem to have unpleasant odor. Do I put them in bleach solution or just live with it?


I don't have a garden so I have not experienced that. I did a little research online and it seems you're not the only one that feels that way. As a florist, I experience foul smells from cut flowers as they begin to decay. Removing all foliage that will be under water is crucial. Giving flowers a fresh cut and washing the vase and replacing the water will help. Some varieties of flowers such as pom pom mums have stems that decay quickly. The water for this flower must be changed more often. Hope this helps.


I was told that baby's breath smells bad even if it is fresh and shouldn't be used in wedding bouquets or table decorations.


Karen, I truly appreciate your comment. Baby's breath does have a slight smell, to which I'm sensitive, but many are not. When fresh, it does have a delicate, heavenly look which you probably can't get from other flowers.

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