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Brian Chambers

Mimi Thanks for the advice on supermarket flowers and their exposure to ethylene gas. Buying fresh flowers from a reputable florist is always a winner. Just a word of caution about some internet florists: they sometimes deliver arrangements which are not like what they depict in their ads. http://www.florists.charlottetownarea.com/

Mimi Peters-Davis

Brian, Thanks for your comment. You are so right about some internet florists. It's the reason we are not hooked up to a wire service. We prefer to direct our customers to florists in the area where they want their flowers sent. We will do this for them if they need a referral.

Calling it Home

Mimi, did you ever hear about putting a bit of bleach in the water? I think it is a replacement for the floral care pouch.


Yes. I works particularly well with tulips it seems. Checkout the video on my post on tulips. The floral food packet is also good, because besides killing the bacteria that kills flowers prematurely, it gives the flowers nutrients which help sustain them. Great question. Thanks!

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