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Calling it Home

Oh how I would love that huge basket of fruit and that hammock. I am sending you an email.

Bellenza Wedding Bistro

Such fabulous images! I vow to have flowers around more!

Modern Country Style

hi Mimi,

Do you know, I've NEVER been in a hammock - not properly. I think that needs rectifying asap! - especially after seeing that lovely image above!



I love that hammock too! I was in Bal Harbour, Florida once and stayed at a boutique hotel. It had hammocks hanging between the ocean and the pool. Now that's what I call sublime.


Vowing to have more flowers around is a pledge we all should take! LOL! Glad you enjoyed these cool images.


Sarah, Great hearing from you! Never been in a hammock? I hope you rectify that situation before the fall is over. Nice to see how glammed up a simple hammock can be. Go one an go for a swing, then tell me all about it!

Flowers on Oxford

The above pictures are looking amazing. How can I purchase these flowers?


Glad you enjoyed this post about looking back on summer flowers. You can buy flowers at florists, green of farmers markets, corner flower stands and garden centers.


I love the summer feast: make you want to go and have a picnic.

Evan Gregory

Oh! I love those flower baskets. I wish I could have one. I would really love to be in that hammock too. I have never been that since before. I enjoyed watching those images. Thank you for sharing this.


I love lovely floral settings outdoors. Glad to hear you liked the hammock too. Thanks for your comment Evan.

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